At Loch Ness Restorations, we have a proud history of providing Scotland’s premier classic motorcycle restoration service. 
Here are a couple of things you should know about restoration:
The Cost

Restorations can be expensive. There is no cheap way of restoring a classic motorcycle. Parts are likely to be at a premium if indeed they are available at all. Pattern parts which are available don’t always fit properly and may need to be modified to work in the way they’re supposed to. Everything that is done will be done by somebody who has specialist training and knowledge and having spent time and money learning their craft, they will quite rightly charge accordingly. The other thing you have to remember is that the value of your bike doesn’t affect the cost of restoration. Whether your bike will be worth £500 or £50,000 at the end, two bikes in a similar condition will cost a similar amount to restore. If your restoration will cost more than the value of the bike, we will point this out to you. Don’t take offence, we’re trying to help you. 

The Time

Restorations can take a long time. Initially, your bike will need to be stripped and the parts assessed. Sounds simple? Try it when those parts have been bolted together for 50 years and see how quickly you can do it without causing damage to the valuable parts you need to refit. Sure, when it was built, the folk in the factory will have put it together quite quickly, but they were working with brand new components, in plentiful supply. Sourcing parts is time-consuming and if the part we need is not available, we have to sit and wait for a used one to be sold somewhere or possibly make the part or repair what we have. To add to the fun and games, quite often we will be supplied with a partial bike and a box of parts whilst being ensured that ‘it is all there’. More often than not, the box also contains parts from Grandad’s old Wolseley 1300 and critical parts have wandered off over the years. It can be like doing a 4000 piece jigsaw without the box lid. All with parts which need to be very carefully cleaned and probably refinished.

The entire process can take hundreds of hours. Many of which we won’t have counted and won’t be paid for. 

The Value

Of course, it’s nice to have your old pride and joy restored, but as we tell people every day, the bike is only original once. Yes, it’s nice to have your bike looking like it just left the showroom, but that isn’t an original bike and an original bike is always going to be worth more. Patina is part of the story of your bike. Every owner the bike has had could point at a mark and tell you about the day it happened. 

Value isn’t just about age. It’s about the history. 

What should you do?

Well, that depends. Contact us or drop in to see us and we can discuss your needs, your budget and how to move forward. Your bike may well just need recommissioning. You won’t know what we’ll advise until you ask and we’re always happy to help.